Top Best Weed Pipes on the Market

Best Weed Pipe
Source: Merry Jane

When talking about marijuana accessories intended to enhance the smoking experience, pipes are a classic option. Marijuana Pipes are an excellent tool to smoke marijuana. It helps you pace yourself easily, saves bud and is simpler to use than having to roll a blunt or joint. There are thousands of options to choose from and it can be overwhelming to decide which one suits your preferences and requirements. This is why we present some of the best pipes on the market at the time. 

Celebration Pipes 

These are interestingly designed pipes like the Lavastonewear Hand Pipe made from lavastone. It is a pipe handcrafted in USA by a family-run business. These pipes feature a luxurious, exotic design and they are beautiful and indestructible. This artistic pipe comes with a 22K gold-plated bowl which reflects heat and burns the herb well. It comes packaged in a pouch and is easy to gift and carry. The Celebration Pipe is a collector’s item which comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

SI Pipes

A classic specimen of a one-hitter, the Jack the Ripper Glass Pipe from SI Pipes has the perfect size to be used anywhere without capturing attention. It fits easily inside the pocket and hence it is ideal for smoking cannabis on the go. The double-filter glass pipe is easy to use. It holds a small amount of herb but lets you toke discreetly as it is easy to carry and hold. It can even be used to consume medical CBD. It is one of the most recommended pipes in the one-hitter category. 

Stone Pipe

Another excellent option for one-hitters, the stone pipe is dark and speckled and ideal for those who look for a quick hit. It is constructed out of durable, sturdy stone, hand-carved into smooth pipe. It features a slightly flattened mouthpiece so that you can use it easily. This stone pipe can accommodate sufficient herb to deliver a good hit. It is not heavy and fits easily inside pocket. This stone pipe is one of the most portable, natural, convenient weed pipes which can be carried anywhere. It even looks unique with its design and color. It is a great pipe to use for medical or recreational cannabis use. 

Bukket Pipe

First found at High Times Cup in Amsterdam in 2001, the bucket pipe is popular as one of the best waterless gravity pipes available. It is a simple pipe which operates without the use of water or bucket. It is a portable, dry and clean pipe which can easily deliver your daily dose of CBD. The Bukket Pipe’s middle section is expandable and can be filled with smoke. It can be expanded up to 22 inches but is only 5 inches when in the collapsed position. Such a feature gives you a lot of space to get a big toke. It is very easy to clean as well. One of the best choices for weed pipes, this portable pipe can produce a lot of smoke at once and looks great. For more information you can visit GetWhitePalm .co.

5 Tips for Staying Organized During A Cross Country Move

There is a lot of stress involved with any relocation, but when it comes to a cross country movers, things can be a bit more stressful. In this case, you cannot possibly take things slowly and move the items in parts from one location to another. You also don’t have the option to move the most important things first and the remaining pieces last. However, there are several things that you can do to stay organized and enjoy a stress free cross-country move. Here are a few important tips worth considering.

#1 Start Early

One of the most important parts of organizing your cross-country move is to start as early as possible. You must start planning for the move as soon as you realize you will be moving to a long distance.  There will be many things that will demand your attention so the earlier you start, the better you will be able to manage them all.

#2 De-Clutter Your Belongings

It is understood that the lesser items you will have, the easier it will be move. So start de-cluttering your belongings starting from kitchenware and home appliances to furniture. It is no use to carry large unusable items from one location to another.

By donating them or selling them through a garage sale, you will not only lessen your load but also lessen the moving cost. Furthermore, you will get some extra money to use in your move. If you start early, you can take each section at a time and start de-cluttering.

#3 Create A“To Do”List

After you have de-cluttered your items, you may start creating a to-do list that will include everything that you will probably need to do before you go. From updating your bank mailing address and finding a doctor to registering your child in a new school, there will be many things seeking your attention. List each task and give a timeline before which it needs to be addressed.

#4 Cross Off The Tasks That Are Completed

After you have created a to-do list, start by striking out the tasks that you have already completed. In several cases, you may strike out the utilities in your old city and set the new ones in the location where you will be moving. You may also set up your forwarding address using a USPS in just a few minutes. When you are unsure about certain things, consider asking Google or a trusted friend who has moved recently.

#5 Pack Your Items Carefully

While the cross-country move professionals can help you pack without any hassles, you need to take care of a few things such as the delicate items and things that need to be packed last and opened first. These items include valuables, medications, baby food, and clothes that you may need immediately after you move. You may keep the essential stuff in your car before the professionals arrive so that the movers don’t take them accidentally.

A cross-country move is a time consuming task, and there will be many things to take care. Try to involve a friend or family member to help you on the moving day.